Self-driving in Thailand 7 – Around Chiang Khan

We spent this day in Chiang Khan and its surroundings enjoying fantastic views over the Mekong and mountains of Laos on the other side of the river.

We found a complete list of activities to do "in and around" Chiang Khan in an article published by Travelfish.

The views from Phra Yai were stunning. The picture featured in this article is one we took from there.

Then we drove through the rural roads to Phu Tok. These more than 20 km can be a heavy task if it is raining hard but is more local and interesting than the main road along the Mekong.

In the afternoon we head to Khaeng Kut Ku to have a drink and a boat trip in the Mekong.

  • Local roads can be a little more difficult but far more rewarding. In our experience small roads are quite ok in a 90 per cent of the cases. If it rains you need to be alert.

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