Thailand: from Hat Yai to Trang by bus 🚌

This morning we are moving from Hat Yai to Trang to cross to the islands in the Andaman Sea.

From the hotel we came by tuk-tuk (60 baths) to the bus station in the southern part of the city. This is where the buses to Phuket depart from. It was early in the morning and it was not hard to find the minibuses going to Trang. In fact, we were literally conduced to them after saying just “Trang”.

We both slept very well last night so it happened that this morning we didn’t have 100 bath face but 170 bath.

That was the price the minivan drivers offer us, per person. Plus an additional 170 bath for the luggage though we knew that the price was just 100 bath.
Besides considering whether it was a fair price or not, the 70 bath difference wouldn’t be significant if you covert it to euros (around 2,50€) but here came the discovery (that we haven’t found in our travel guides):

There are also regular buses between Trang and Hat Yai, much more spacious than a minivan and with airco.
The price is only 209 bath per person (luggage included) and tu don’t need to travel tightly packed in a full minivan.

So here we are, on our way to Trang and then to the islands in the Andaman sea. And the sun is shining.

  • Don’t panic if everything around you is in Thai language and you cannot understand
  • Be cautious with free-lance people in the bus/train stations
  • Use the tourist information desks when you are in doubt
  • Check other alternatives before accepting what seems “non-negotiable” conditions

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